Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Whistles Carrie skirt update: part 2

The pink Whistles Carrie skirt has been my obsession this season (see my previous blog posts here and here). I loved the colour so much I had to have it, compromising on the knee-length version when it was really the sold-out midi option that I wanted. But, thanks to a reissue, I was able to get what my heart desired. Since then, Carrie's featured in many a blog post (see here and here for examples).

There was, of course, Carrie in highlighter yellow and blue. And its sister skirt, the taupe-coloured Erica (which I so wish I'd bought). And now, Whistles has introduced Carrie in coral red for £125 and animal print for £135.

A sheer red pleated skirt is high on my wish list, so I was giddy with excitement when I heard Carrie now comes in crimson. But the punchy, almost-neon scarlet you see on screen isn't as bright, as electric, in real life. Don't get me wrong, it's still stand-out, but not in the same head-turning way as the pink one.

When I was just thinking a printed option would be nice, along comes animal-print Carrie. Carrie carries off pattern well, but I think block colours have the advantage as you can see the sharp sunray pleats most clearly. This, after all, is Carrie's best feature – the fact that the traditional pleat has been reworked in such a deliciously floaty material.

Btw, it may say polyester on the label but if polyester were graded in terms of quality, this is the best. Plus, the skirt is fully lined. Out of all the sheer pleated skirts on the high street, Carrie is the classiest.

So, which do you prefer? Coral-red or animal-print Carrie? Or is there a new interpretation or colourway you'd like to see? Me, I'd love a Carrie collaboration with the print designs of Erdem or Jonathan Saunders. Now what a dreamboat that would be.


  1. I prefer the coral one, but neither would fit my pregnant body so I am sticking to my Beyond Retro vintage dresses until next year :-) I id love the pink Carrie though!

  2. I would stick to simple colour rather than busy busy print. I really want a Carrie skirt too in yellow or blue but £125....I'll wait for it.

  3. These look amazing - I love Whistles so much!

  4. Great Skirt!


  5. They know they hit the nail on the head with this one :)


  6. i love the animal print one! i just posted about animal prints today! adore the skirt in this print!

  7. Still regretting not getting the pink Carrie skirt!! But maybe the red will be a good alternative...?

  8. Gorgeous! Just had a sneaky peek at your pink one and I almost died in my own drool.

  9. Finally (finally!), I've remembered to reply on your original thread:

    The red Carrie is happily hanging in my wardrobe as we speak...

    Whilst buying her, I had a little fondle of the animal print. It was undoubtedly lovely, but - with less pronounced pleating - the floaty, whimsical vibe is lost somewhat.

    Sarah x

  10. The Red Carrie is also hanging in my wardrobe. I love her especially with a grey t-shirt and some converse trainers.
    The only problem I have now is trying to wear it into autumn. Any Ideas?

  11. These look amazing - I love the animal print one!



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