Monday, July 25, 2011

Work it to the max

H&M has really embraced the floral trend of late. Walking into the store is like stepping into the Garden of Eden. And what caught my eye was a button-front maxi skirt with a beautifully detailed flora and fauna print along its skirt tails. So glorious is the pattern, I'm tempted to overlook its polyester credentials.

But at £29.99 for man-made fibres, it has to work hard to justify its price tag, so I've thought of three ways to wear it:
1) As a maxi skirt (as intended). Unbutton it thigh high to show some leg and team with a neutral body or top and a wide tan belt for a glamorous day look.
2) As a strapless dress. Add a belt to stop your figure from being swamped by the voluminous fabric. And, if there's any pinning required, throw a cardie on top to hide.
3) As a cape. Use the top button to fasten and then disguise with a brooch.

As you can see, I like option three best. The skirt-cape complements my Whistles Sabina dress and vintage clutch bag perfectly. How would you wear it?


  1. You're a genius! Hmm this could turn into a one shoulder cape :D

  2. I bought that skirt in Stockholm the week before last :-)

  3. Genius!!!

    And the pattern is soooooo pretty!!

    Roll on payday!! :)

  4. It looks freakin' amazing!!! I would've never realised it was a skirt and it looks so different and arty!



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