Monday, September 26, 2011

Bing Bang bargain

Last month, when ASOS asked me to pick my top 10 sale buys, my credit card took a hammering as I ended up buying nearly all of my choices!

I think my favourite purchase is this gold-plated charm ring by Bing Bang, a New York label from jewellery designer Anna Sheffield. Its quirky range of keepsake pieces give unusual charms an edgy twist. Think Victoriana femininity mixed with a punk-rock sensibility.

I love how interesting this ring looks. The charms and the mix of metals, from gold-plate to brass to sterling silver, offer both a contemporary and antique feel. And I adore the movement of the charms on my finger, from the teardrops and ball-bearings, which look like miniature lead weights, to the teeny-tiny crucifixes. Hung on a simple gold chain, the ring also doubles up as a cool-looking pendant.

So there you have it – two looks for one. What's more, it was already an affordable £65, but it's now a bargainous £24.50. That's a steal for something rather unique.

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