Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot on the high street: day 2

Last season's sheer pleated skirt reworked in leather? I like. Ditto the cute skater-style shape.

This River Island skirt gives my usual girlie look a bit of edge. And, while I've softened it with the blouse, pointelle tights and Mary Janes, on the next person it could easily work this season's fetish trend.

The addition of a cape turns leather into ladylike. A pale grey wool, it's a steal at £65 from Benetton.

As a cheap styling trick, use an earring to double up as a brooch. I like this big heart stud from New Look, made up of tiny enamel and diamante flowers. It instantly ups the ante on the elegance factor. The nail polish is Chanel Rouge Noir, naturally.

The details:
Polyester blouse, £65, by Vaudeville & Burlesque at Urban Outfitters
Leather skirt, £75, by River Island
Leather shoes, £49.99, by New Look
Brass harmonica necklace, £18, by Urban Outfitters
Nylon and elastane tights, £4.99, by New Look
Wool cape, £65, by Benetton
Enamel earring (worn as brooch), £4.99 for pair, by New Look
Vintage bag


  1. This is just gorgeous. Luxe and affordable - I love your blog!


  2. Love it! especially the skirt x


  3. That's a fabulous look! Might have to copy it once the baby is here and the belly is gone :-)

  4. Loved this skirt when I saw it in the Elle supplement and in love again! Not too expensive either and definitely doesn't look too "fetish" for me!

    Used to use an earring as a brooch all the time but had completely forgotten what a good idea it is! :)


  5. Primark have a skirt just like that to. I have been looking at it for a couple days now but I was not sure. Well I'm sure now lol


  6. The skirt looking so beautiful. I want to bring the skirt and it such a very beautiful and designer.



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