Saturday, November 12, 2011

My own personalised ring (almost)

When ASOS asked me to pick my top 10 sale buys back in August, one of my choices was a charm ring by Bing Bang. I liked it so much, I put my money where my mouth was and bought it. Since then, I occasionally check to see what other pieces of Bing Bang jewellery are available at ASOS, which was how I spotted this BFF sweetheart charm ring.

Now, the attraction should be clear. Take the first two letters and you get Bargainista Fashionista's initials! It's as close to an off-the-shelf personalised ring as I'm going to get. Plus, I love the mix of coloured metals on this silver-plated ring from gunmetal to copper to silver to gold.

The various heart motifs are pretty cool, too, with the largest feeling almost like a mini plectrum. Like my other Bing Bang ring, I love the movement of the charms against my fingers as they flutter with my every move.

If it takes your fancy or you've got a BFF you'd like to give it to, it's in the sale reduced from £69 to £27. And don't forget the extra 10% off until 11.59pm tonight with the promo code BONUSTEN. I'm not sure if it works on sale items, but it's worth a try.

Oh, and if anyone fancies buying this for Bargainista Fashionista, feel free! I bought it previously, but sheepishly returned it when my credit-card bill arrived (following my shopping spree of my top 10 ASOS sale buys!).

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