Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chanel shade parade

Every woman needs a bit of Chanel in her life. So, even if you can't afford the wardrobe, you can buy the nail colour. At £17.50 a pot, it's that little indulgence that makes life brighter and better.

These are my favourite shades (above, from left): Rouge Noir, Peridot and Particulière. The first and last have become cult classics that I can't bear to be without, while Péridot is my latest foray into metallic nails.

One of Chanel's limited-edition a/w 2011 shades, Péridot is a gold polish that shimmers with green undertones. It's more than just bling though, it's innovative and futuristic and so very, very cool.

For more molten metal shades, try Chanel's Quartz and Graphite polishes, too. And, for more colour inspiration, watch this video, Chanel Shade Parade. A nail cabaret starring Le Vernis de Chanel, it's genius! Oh, and let me know what Chanel colours you'd recommend.


  1. I do love Chanel nail polishes - a little Chanel on my dressing table is very satisfactory :)

  2. I love their polishes, my favourites are currently Quartz and Black Pearl x

  3. Emily, just those entwined C's makes me happy :)

    Emma x, ooh, Quartz and Black Pearl – nice!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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