Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fab find for a fiver

For this year's countdown to Christmas I thought I'd offer ideas to inspire, as well as some great buys. So, first up is this vintage 1960s owl brooch.

I first spotted it reinvented as a lip balm case by Andrea Garland and selling for £29.50 at Liberty. But a little detective work revealed Garland's vintage vessel is, in fact, an old Avon brooch which would have once held a solid perfume (the front flips open).

The good news is this vintage brooch comes up quite regularly on eBay at bargainous prices. I searched under the keywords Avon, perfume, brooch and owl and managed to bag mine for under a fiver, including postage.

Happy hunting! Oh, and don't just wear it on a jacket or jumper, pin it on your handbag, too.


  1. My mum had this when I was a child and I loved it. Hmm! I wonder where it could be. X

  2. Very cute brooch :-)
    I am obsessed with owls - they are so mysterious and also interesting to look at.
    A few weeks ago I became the owner of this cutie by Estonian designer Ulla Saar:

    Anneli xx

  3. Boy, that brings back memories! My mom was an AVON lady for many years and I have that exact same owlee somewhere in my treasures.

  4. Aww, glad you all love this as much as me.

    RuBee, ask your mum and track it down.
    Ditto for you Tami, dig it out.

    All hail the Avon lady!

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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