Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make your own fashion notebook

For another thrifty fashion gift this Christmas, how making about these designer-inspired notebooks? They take minutes to make but look really impressive.

I used notebooks from Muji and covered them with pages from ELLE Collections, featuring photocopies of garments by Stella McCartney, Erdem and Miu Miu. But you don't have to use magazines, there's wrapping paper, too.

Simply cut the paper to size leaving a little excess at each end so that you can fold it around the notebook like a dust jacket. Then glue those edges to hold the paper in place inside the notebook.

For a more personal touch, get creative and do a little bit of colour photocopying yourself. A little while ago, I photocopied some vintage fabric that my friend Em had used as napkins at her wedding and made the notebooks (below) for her birthday. Who needs Smythson, eh?

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