Wednesday, December 14, 2011

River Island industry insider: part 4

As River Island's industry insider this month, my fourth and final guest blog covers the dilemma of what to wear on Christmas Day. Want to know the solution? Click here to see the full story, along with my suggestions of Christmas Day dresses. Let me know what you'll be wearing on the big day itself.

Oh, and do let me know if you've enjoyed my industry insider columns. I've really enjoyed working with River Island and I'm especially pleased with the pictures the Stickman has taken. I think these are my favourites (although it was very cold!).


  1. Really been enjoying your insider columns. Loving the dress in this pic too! I'm going to be rocking a festive red midi skirt I found in an Urban Outfitters sale yesterday with plenty of sparkly nail polish!

  2. cool photo shoot in places where the forest?

  3. charlienin, so pleased you've liked my insider columns. Very satisfying to hear! Loving the sound of your Christmas outfit. Have a good one!

    Rumah Dijual, the Stickman and I decided to do location shots for my River Island colums. This one is shot on the North Downs in Surrey. It's beautiful there.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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