Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wish upon a star

I've been meaning to tell you about Orelia jewellery for ages now, so let these pieces inspire you.

I got the star necklace from ASOS earlier this year and, the very same week, I was given the heart chain by a friend. Both are admired every time I wear them – so much so, that friends and strangers alike end up discovering the label for themselves (which I love). So, now it's your turn.

Why is Orelia so special? Delicate pieces mixed with great craftsmanship result in beautiful costume jewellery that looks more expensive than it actually is. Refined and exquisite, would you be surprised if I said that it's stocked alongside Topshop's own-brand jewellery? Because it is – Topshop and ASOS are two of Orelia's key stockists.

Which means you'll be even more surprised by the prices. The star necklace was just £15. Visit Orelia's website and check out the bargains. On my Christmas wish list is the miniature horseshoe earrings and necklace. What's on yours?


  1. Beautiful jewellery, I always mean to buy something from them but never have an excuse to! Your link "Visit Orelia's website..." says and it takes me back to my dashboard. Although it's properly linked to elsewhere, I'm just pointing this out so it can be adjusted.

  2. These really looks like Gogo Philip jewellery. I've got a fab lightning necklace that would match your stars perfectly!

  3. Gordita, Thanks for the heads up about that rogue link. All sorted now. What better excuse than Christmas to shop? I can't recommend Orelia jewellery enough. It lasts well and doesn't tarnish so it's great value for money.

    charlienin, Your lightning necklace sounds cool! Yes, I've seen Gogo Philip jewellery – it's stocked in Topshop, too. I have to say, though, that Orelia pieces tend to be better quality and the designs are a little more refined and delicate. But both are great sources for jewellery on a budget.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  4. I love Orelia jewellery. I'm petite and not one for chunky pieces, I love delicate and whimsical things but they're not always easy to find in costume jewellery (would that my jewellery all came from Alex Monroe and Annina Vogel!) It all looks much more expensive than it is to, definitely bargainista fashionista material! x

  5. I know this brand for a while now, so no suprise here. And although I do agree with the point that it's a really nice jewellery, with lovely designs, with great semi-precious stones, the gold colour necklaces I have sadly started to wear out very quickly, so Im not convienced that the quality is that good. Which is a shame, beacause they did look lovely when I bought them!



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