Friday, December 9, 2011

Zara's sell-out tote bag

This Zara leather tote bag is my Christmas present from the Stickman. (I was allowed to shoot it for the blog, but now it's gone away until Christmas Day!) I know it spoils the surprise somewhat, but after a whole page was dedicated to this very bag in Grazia a few weeks back, I instructed the Stickman to snap it up immediately for fear of it selling out. It has online already.

I first spotted this bucket bag with it's plaited handles and stiff, pristine leather back in the summer. Torn between cherry red and tan, I never made a decision, so I was pleased Zara continued to stock this tote into autumn/winter. Sadly, cherry red was no more, but teal blue replaced it, while classic tan and black continued, joined by a mock-croc version.

Obviously, I shouldn't know the price of my gift, but I have to share it with you as it's bargainous for a bag of this calibre: a very reasonable £79.99, and £89.99 for mock-croc.

So, Zara tote, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways… 1. You're roomy enough for everything I care to carry around with me. 2. You look good doing it, being so minimal and chic. 3. I appreciate your detachable zipped cotton inner bag – it'll deter those pickpockets. 4. And thanks, too, for the shoulder strap – it gives me a hands-free option. 5. The gorgeous Olivia Palermo is one of your many fans. 6. You're proof that you don't have to pay a fortune for a classic bag. 7. I know you're going to serve me well over the years, ageing to a beautiful patina. 8. Oh, and you're mine, all mine.

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