Sunday, March 18, 2012

Erdem for Topshop's NEWGEN T-shirt

When Topshop's NEWGEN T-shirt collection launched in February, I was very excited. Twenty of London's hottest designers had each created a £30 tee for the high-street giant. Marking a decade of Topshop's support of young British talent, each and every one of them had benefited from the NEWGEN scheme, so this was an opportunity to return that support.

This Erdem lace-collared design was top of my wish list. It stood out from the rest with its delicate blue china print and the intricate lace. Oh Erdem Moralioglu, you make even the humblest T-shirt so much more refined!

He's also deconstructed the tee, removing the sleeves to leave wide, straight-cut armholes. Rather like a tank top, this contemporary twist adds contrast to the elegant neckline.

And it's this juxtaposition that makes it so easy to wear, complementing everything from casual jeans to smart pencil skirts. It's great for this season's print clash, too. In particular, it works well with Mary Katrantzou for Topshop's blue floral-print trousers (although after Marni for H&M I haven't got a spare £130!).

I think the Erdem tee is sold out, but with 20 NEWGEN T-shirts created, along with some sweatshirts, too, there are still plenty of designs available. Click here to shop.


  1. Aw i love it!!! You just need a little straw hat now, so sweet xxx

    1. Thanks Sallytangle!

      Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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