Friday, March 30, 2012

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

I thought I'd do a quick follow-up blog about last month's Mary Katrantzou for Topshop launch as I've just rediscovered this photograph on my phone. (Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen this already.)

Yes, I was there at the launch. And no, it wasn't as crazy as Marni for H&M. But then, why would it be? Mary's nine-piece collection just doesn't compare to the mammoth reworkings of Marni's back catalogue for H&M. Plus, you have to be in the know to realise there's something about Mary (sorry, I couldn't resist).

However, Mary Katrantzou's exquisite prints were a cheery start to a Thursday morning. As were her free tote bags with every purchase.

But you know what stopped me from buying a piece of Mary? I just thought the prices were too steep, especially for some items that were made of polyester. Sure, Topshop's collection makes Mary Katrantzou affordable, especially as her mainstream designs are out of the reach for most of us, but I just didn't love it enough to part with my cash.

Still, it didn't stop me from trying a few items on, including the £350 lampshade-shaped dress. Hence the changing-room pic above. I may not look as good as Poppy Delevingne, who wore it to the ELLE Style Awards, but it was fun to have a little dressing-up session.

Did you shop the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection? Let me know.


  1. Ooh that dress is gorgeous! The good thing is it's so similar to her main line, but the price is just too steep. I didn't shop because if I'd tried a dress on my brain would have stopped working, and credit card companies would be currently re-posessing my shoes!

    1. Hi Katie,

      Have a look in Zara. There's a similar-shaped dress that I've just tweeted about and it's £69.99 rather than £350.!/bargainistafash/status/198794629364203520/photo/1

      Obviously, the print is nowhere near as amazing as Mary Katrantzou's, but it is pretty.

      Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  2. I think it's a love it or loathe it thing. Her prints are absolutely stunning but I would just never wear a dress like that for any amount of money. I would feel as if I were wearing a paper mache sculpture.
    It is a phenomenally unique dress; perfectly suited to the catwalk but not one that could slot into many wardrobes. And for £350 I'd want to spend every waking/sleeping/breathing moment in it!

  3. I couldn't agree less - I can't stop wearing my Mary K for Topshop blouse and shift dress - they're so beautiful and unique!
    The finish on the Mary K for Topshop pieces are also far better quality and print than Marni for H&M! The Marni for H&M collection was such bad quality I took them all back!

    1. I loved the silk pieces that Mary Katrantzou did for Topshop. The polyester pieces, not so much. Well, not at the prices they were pitched at, anyway.

      It's a shame you were disappointed with your Marni for H&M pieces. I've not had any problems at all. My PJ set is great!

      Bargainista Fashionista



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