Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wearing pyjamas to work


I think the pyjama look is my favourite trend this season. It's so relaxed and easy to wear. And, while I haven't worn my Marni for H&M pyjama outfit from top-to-toe yet, the shorts have become a regular fixture in my working wardrobe. 

This week, they've been particular good for the warm weather we've been having, although I admit I haven't dared bare my legs.

This is what I wore on Tuesday:
Gap T-shirt

If you like my silk Marni for H&M shorts, they're still available in hot pink. Plus, they're reduced to just £14.99. Click here to shop.

Yes, you did hear me right. Marni for H&M is a) still available and b) even cheaper. You'll have to hunt them down on the H&M website though as they're no longer grouped together, nor are they listed under sale items.

Instead, you'll have to do the laborious task of searching under each category. This is where an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marni for H&M collection pays off (tip: for a quick spot, they're usually the still-life pieces rather than the model shots).

Pieces I've seen include the blue spotty jacket for £29.99 (was £69.99) and the silver leather sandals and black leather sandals, which are £14.99 apiece (were £29.99). Note, sizes left vary (these are returned items, after all) and may sell out, so shop while you can! And check out the Marni for H&M menswear, too.

Meanwhile, for more summer-inspired workwear, check out this week's What ELLE Wears blog at


  1. Im def heading over to h& pronto, love the outfit!!!xxx

    1. Thanks Sallytangle.

      Happy shopping!

      Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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