Monday, April 9, 2012

10 things to know about Erdem

I was tidying up this Easter when I came across this postcard-sized tag. It came with my Topshop NEWGEN T-shirt by Erdem.

To celebrate 10 years of supporting British talent, Topshop asked 20 of its NEWGEN recipients from the past 10 years to collaborate on a series of limited-edition T-shirts. And, it seems it asked each designer for 10 facts about themselves, too.

This is what Erdem wrote:
1. Erdem is my first name.
2. I am a twin!
3. My studio is in Shoreditch… LONDON!
4. My first show was in 2005…
5. I am a Scorpio…!
6. I have quite bad eyesight! Hence my glasses… My left eye is worse than the right.
7. I have dressed Keira, Alexa and Mary-Kate!
8. My obsession is books. I have lots. Over a 1000!
9. I went to the Royal College of Art in London.
10. My middle name is Jan! Random…

What a nice finishing touch to my purchase!

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