Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Superdry spectacle

Every few years the Stickman announces he needs a new pair of glasses. And I sigh. Because it's not going to be a quick shopping trip. Over weeks (sometimes months), we'll visit the opticians, try on every single pair, make a shortlist, try them on again, take photos (to evaluate/scrutinise later) and then go home again. Eventually (although not necessarily always), the Stickman decides on a pair of frames and our work is done.

This time I had a head start. I'd heard that cult British fashion label Superdry had branched out into specs last season and with several of my colleagues (both male and female) sporting their frames, I thought it was worth checking out. So I steered the Stickman in the direction of Vision Express, the exclusive high-street stockist of Superdry glasses.

He was impressed. With a wide selection of classic styles – eight are unisex, six are women and one is men's – in modern materials and finishes, the quality of the Superdry frames is outstanding.

What makes them stand out? The retro twist. Superdry's debut collection of frames offer a vintage look, based on iconic 1950s styles (so this season), with a contemporary feel. And, just like its clothing line, the frames echo the Superdry brand: style, material, detail and quality are paramount.

Which is why, after the first trying-on session, we left the store whispering, 'What's the catch?' Because at £110 to £135, the quality far exceeds the price tag. There's the seven-barrel chrome hinges for starters. Bamboo or leather arms. Zinc finishings. Premium acetate. Finishes in jet black, rich tortoiseshell and colour fading. Hand-crafted workmanship. The list goes on.

I like all the touches you get. Like the hand-embossed Superdry enscription etched along the top of the frames, the personalised frame names (Dean, Brando, Depp, Caine and Honor to name but a few) engraved into the inner arm and the retro pencil case-like box they come in. These frames are so achingly cool, it hurts.

So, what did the Stickman end up getting? The Riley frames in a black fade colourway and zinc arms (above and below). He loves them so much I think my job is done for the next couple of years!


  1. Hi lovely!
    You used to follow me a while back on my old blog and I've followed you since as I love your blog!
    Is there any chance you can take a look at my new blog as I've just started up and need to get the word around?
    It'd be much appreciated,

    Olivia! xx

  2. Hi Olivia,

    Lovely to hear from you! I'm on my way over now...

    So pleased you still love the blog.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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