Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zara's sell-out shopper

Remember Zara's popular leather tote bag? The Stickman got me the tan version for Christmas and it's still selling strong.

It's been a great addition to my wardrobe, catering for all the overspill from my handbag (and more) and doing it stylishly. However, if I'm honest, although I love sharing all my fashion finds – that's the whole point of this blog, after all – it's getting a little embarrassing bumping into so many people carrying my tan bag every day!

Admittedly, I can't take credit for the runaway success of Zara's leather shopper (although I have helped spread the word), but with tan being the most popular colour I wish I'd snapped up the cherry red one that I first saw.

But Zara, what have we here? You've made my heart beat faster with the bag's new cream incarnation (above). It's such a beautiful pale buff colour, like the stealth wealth version of the tote – understatedly expensive-looking (yet still only £79.99) and oozing pure class.

Following last season's teal, there's a new blue colourway, as well as the original tan and black options. Or you might also like the pale tan design below. At £79.99, it features an elegant cut-out pattern.

There's also a mini shopper. While my tan bag comes in at 40.5cm x 51cm x 23cm, the mini version is a more compact 33cm x 40cm x 12.5cm. And, of course, a smaller tote warrants a smaller price tag: £59.99. Currently, it comes in the new-season blue.

So, which shopper do you like best? Honestly, I don't mind if you pick tan – so long as I don't bump into you when I'm carrying mine!

Also, what colour tote would you like Zara to do next? I'm inspired by The Cambridge Satchel Company's fluoro bags, so a neon range would be top of my list. Metallics might be nice, too. And, obviously, a reissue of the cherry red shopper wouldn't be amiss.


  1. Why is this bag not in my life?! So gorgeous.

  2. The bag's gorgeous, isn't it?

    And Zara is spoiling us with even more choice. Check out the new die-cast mini shopper with big punched-out holes. It comes a great selection of summer brights.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  3. I got the jade blue one at xmas- not seen anyone with it! Plus the mini one in cherry red. And I still want more. Think I may have a problem!



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