Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grenson sale shoes

Grenson sale alert! Remember these suede and patent-leather Eliza shoes? Well, they're now £50 on Grenson's website, reduced from £175. That's even cheaper than the sale price I got them for! It's such a bargain I'm tempted to get the all-black pair, too, but as my size is sold out I'm trying to convince myself that my size 6 feet will fit into a size 5.5 shoe!

My black patent-leather Martha brogues are also in the Grenson sale. And yep, they're £50, too. I've worn mine loads and had so many compliments. Since I discovered Grenson's women's styles, I've been a big fan. Both pairs have been comfortable from day one and are great quality, so they're easily my favourite flats.

What are you waiting for? At £50, they're a steal. After all, you'd pay more on the high street for an inferior pair.

Meanwhile, for Grenson's Martha brogues in this season's pastels, check out the my-wardrobe sale where you can pick them up in pink leather and two-tone shades. With reductions of up to 50%, they're now £87 to £105. I like the Claire navy suede loafers, too.

What prompted my footwear frenzy was actually a tweet from one of my followers about Grenson shoes in the style-passport sale (thanks Lizzie!). There are Martha brogues in pastel pink and blue with 30% off. I would have snapped the tan pair if I'd been quicker – they look so good with the cream laces and tan toggles. If anybody sees them in the sales in a size UK 6, please tweet or Facebook me!


  1. There are some in the MyWardrobe sale, I got an adorable cream suede and patent pair and then when the Grenson sale went live got the black patent pair - I am a complete convert! So well made and beautiful and at £50 squid you are right, much superior to the high street!

  2. Hi Deborah P,

    I'm just a little bit jealous of your bargains!

    So pleased you're a Grenson convert. They really are such well-made shoes.

    Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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