Saturday, June 16, 2012

My fluoro-pink Cambridge satchel


Did anybody spot my Cambridge satchel on ELLE's Facebook page this week? I've had it since February and I've only gotten around to using it now!

Is anybody else like that? I hanker after something so badly until I've got it and then I don't wear or use it for ages. It's not that I love it less once it's mine, it's just that I want to be in the right mood to wear it for the first time or, in the case of this satchel, pluck up the courage to use it!

I'll post some more pictures of what I teamed my Cambridge satchel with soon. In the meantime, see what the rest of Team ELLE wore to work on the What ELLE Wears blog at


  1. Yep, I do the same with albums and books! Hang onto them for ages then get addicted. The satchel is amazing :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  2. I do remember your pink made me go straight to the Cambridge site and secure myself a yellow one. Loooove.

  3. I put myself under a bit of pressure, I want the first time I wear something to be perfect. But then I don't quite have the perfect outfit so my new toy ends up languishing for a while before I can give it the outing it deserves.

  4. Love! Arghh just makes me want one….hmmm xxx

  5. I LOVE your satchel! What a statement. I've lusted after this for ages and just read about what a bargain yours was- absolutely gutted to have missed out. It's my fault for being a new follower- how did I survive before your blog?!



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