Monday, July 30, 2012

Customise your Converse at Schuh

Customise your Converse exclusively at Schuh's London flagship store until 15th August. To celebrate this year's Represent, Converse's series of free gigs at the capital's 100 Club, a customisation service has taken over the windows of Schuh's Oxford Street store, offering you the chance to pimp up your sneakers.

At the studs and laces bar (below) you can choose hardware in the shape of spikes, stars and skulls, as well as laces in every colour of the rainbow. You can also get your Converse inked. Simply choose a design from the two iPad stations and your shoes are printed in-situ.

Graphics range from London imagery (think bowler hats, red telephone boxes and Big Ben) to sport-inspired pictures to tattoo designs, patterns and much, much more – including typefaces so you can print anything from your name to a slogan.

Here's how it works. First pick your Converse. Next choose your artwork, hardware and laces. Then work with one of Schuh's 'maestros' to create an original, unique design.

You get a free pair of laces or a bag of studs and grommets with your Converse purchase (which are £43 for lo-tops and £45 for hi-tops). Then additional studs and grommets are 50p per pack of four and laces are £5.

To get your Converse inked, it's £10 for one side, £15 for two sides and £25 for an all-over design. Your customised Converse are finished within hours, but due to the popularity of the service during its first week, it may take a little longer.

For my customised Converse, I opted for a pair of white hi-tops and chose an all-over wallpaper print and red laces. The baroque pattern is very next season, don't you think? I was lucky to see them being inked, too (below). The soles are covered in masking tape so that the racing stripe remains untouched.

Finished shoes are put on display until customers pick them up, which makes for an ever-changing wall of inspiration. Below are some of the designs other customers have created, from an all-over zebra print to a personalised typeface (the other shoe should have read 'Bargainista'!) to punky studs.

How would you customise your Converse? Let me know and share your design on Twitter with the hashtag #getinkedatschuh.


  1. Oh shoot I didn't go to this one :S
    Love your customised converse.

    1. Thanks Kit!

      Ahh, you would have designed the most fabulous Converse, I'm sure. Not too late, though – it's there until Wednesday 15th August.

      Bargainista Fashionista x x x

  2. Great post!

    1. Thanks Rakel. Glad you enjoyed it. This post has been a particular favourite as it was awesome seeing my shoes being printed while I was there!

      Bargainista Fashionista x x x



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