Sunday, July 29, 2012

Isabel Marant-style jacket for £80

I couldn't resist the Maison Scotch quilted jacket from ASOS that I recommended last week. I think maybe you couldn't either as it's sold out now. Reduced from £200 to £80, it's an affordable price for a lookalike Isabel Marant quilted jacket.

And see how beautifully packaged it was when it arrived – it looked almost too good to untie! But with a label reading 'To Be Worn With Love', I couldn't wait to try it on.

It's a very lightly quilted cotton jacket, with an all-over lace pattern that looks like is been batiked on and then dyed a rich indigo blue. Blue cotton chambray provides a contrasting lining.

'Do you really need two quilted jackets?' asked my hubby, the Stickman, quizzically. Er, maybe not, but in my head I'd rationalised my purchase by telling myself I needed a darker colourway. (In contrast to the summery lightness of my Aubin & Wills jacket you understand.)

Luckily for my bank balance, size 2 was too big. So if you're a UK 10 and fancy an Isabel Marant-style jacket, keep a look out on ASOS as it's winging its way back. I hope someone else will wear it with love.

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