Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bargainista Fashionista writes for ELLE

Since I started this blog three and a half years ago, I've seen a trend: the rise of the savvy shopper, aka the bargainista fashionista.

She's the kind of girl that loves fashion and gets a thrill when she finds what she wants for a bargain. She lives for designer/high-street collaborations, as well as the designer sales (and the occasional designer splurge), but the high street is her staple.

Obviously, there's a whole lot more to her. Quality counts. But so do pennies, too. So she's savvy in her spending to make her money go further and clever with her clothes so she never looks cheap, always chic.

Looking good for less is easy with a little shopping and styling know-how. So I hope my blog has helped you to be savvy yet fashionable – and to get a few bargains along the way.

For more tips on how to be a bargainista fashionista, see my feature (above) for ELLE. It's in the October issue, with Gwen Stefani on the cover (below), which is on sale now until next Tuesday. I'm so excited! Let me know what you think.


  1. I bought a copy and accidently left it on the tube, need to buy another copy to read this :S

  2. It's really good! I'm always on the hunt for a good sample sale and now I'm subscribed to all the sites you recommended. Thanks :-)

  3. Thats amazing, well done!! x x



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