Sunday, September 23, 2012

Primark's new Oxford Street flagship store

I used to work around the corner from Primark's London Oxford Street store. I remember when it opened in 2007, when 3,000 shoppers caused a near riot as they stampeded in. And I remember the queues around the block every day I popped out for my lunch break.

Now I've moved office (same job, different location) and Primark's only gone and followed me by opening up a second store at the east end of Oxford Street, nearer my end of town. What can I say, Bargainista Fashionista is where all the action is!

So, now Oxford Street is one long Primark sandwich. And, if you thought Primark Marble Arch was big, wait until you see Primark Tottenham Court Road, as I shall call it (since that's the nearest tube station and there are entrances on both Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road).

I got a first look on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday's grand opening, and it is HUGE. There's 4 floors, 1 giant LED video wall (pictured above), 92 changing rooms (63 of which are for women; sorry guys you only get 12 – even kids get 17), 111 cash desks, 1,443 employees and 82,400 sq ft of Primarni heaven. Did I mention its the 5th largest Primark in the UK (can there really be four stores bigger than this?) and the 7th largest in the company?

This lace dress is similar to the Zara dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge back in December

I recommend checking out Primark's Limited Edition collection. It's an exclusive, trend-led capsule range available in 13 UK stores. There's a studded faux-leather barrel bag that's very Alexander Wang for £16 and a faux-leather biker jacker for just £26. Plus, for the first time, there's a Limited Edition collection for menwsear, too, which is stocked in 7 stores around the UK. What's more, The X Factor 2011 winners Little Mix have collaborated with Primark on a kidswear range for girls aged 7-13 years.

From bouclĂ© jackets to duffle coats to studded ankle boots, there's plenty of stock to keep you on trend. Take these faux-leather polka-dot bags for £16 which are a little bit Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton and a little bit Comme des Garçons.

And these cartoon knits are so this season, so if you can't afford the 3.1 Phillip Lim and Markus Lupfer versions, you know where to go. OMG, Primark Tottencourt Road is officially open.


  1. I also work just around the corner from this but I'm stopping myself from going in until payday. Lunchtimes are going to be dangerous from now on!

    Shopped and Dropped

  2. How did I not know about this? Ahh deff been spending too much time working, I'm missing out on important info like this haha. Will be making a trip there as soon as, I really want to get my hands on that 'pow' knit xxx

  3. I remember when the Marble Arch Primark opened too... it was the place where all manners went out the window! I remember queuing for a hour on a Sunday morning just to return some dresses I didn't have time to try on, as the changing room queues were hideous. Maybe having another large Primark city centre will help make it less of a nightmare and more of a sane shopping experience! Bought that lace dress in the Glasgow store - it's a fab fit for the price x



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