Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M on sale this week


Maison Martin Margiela with H&M, launches in just four days' time on 15th November. As I reported back in June, this is the high-street giant's latest designer collaboration with the avant-garde Parisian fashion house.

The 105-piece collection is a series of re-editions of Maison Martin Margiela clothes and accessories from various seasons. It features the very best of the label's signature designs, from oversized, draped silhouettes and loose, masculine tailoring to quirky, unusual details.

It's a bold move from H&M to offer a designer collaboration that's so different. It's sure to be a hit with die-hard Maison Martin Margiela fans and, hopefully, will win a new customer base over, too.

And, showing you just how wearable Maison Martin Margiela with H&M is, see how the celebrities wore the collection at its New York launch last month.

Selma Blair wears Ladies Nº10 – horizontally worn dress, £99.99, and Ladies Nº49 – plexi wedge pump, £149.99

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Ladies Nº25 – oversized masculine jacket, £99.99

Leigh Lezark wears Ladies Nº23 – silk scarves top, £79.99, and Ladies Nº24 – silk scarves apron, £69.99, and Ladies Nº49 – plexi wedge pump, £149.99

Helena Christensen wears Ladies Nº36 – car seat cover dress, £179.99, Ladies Nº 59 – invisible wedge ankle boot, £179.99, and Ladies Nº39 – glove clutch, £79.99

Mena Suvari wears Ladies Nº3 – body with integrated bra, £29.99, Ladies Nº6 – hitched up skirt, £59.99, Ladies Nº47 – plexi wedge pump, £149.99, and Ladies Nº 57 – candy clutch, £34.99

Julianne Moore wears Ladies Nº13 – narrow shouldered jacket, £69.99, Ladies Nº22 – pattern-cut trousers, £59.99, and Ladies Nº 59 – invisible wedge ankle boot, £179.99

Kanye West wears Men Nº63 – overcoat with inverted lapels, £149.99, Men Nº 77 – fusion of two shirts, £59.99, and Men Nº65 – painted jeans, £59.99

Chace Crawford wears Men Nº72 – suit jacket, £79.99, Men Nº71 – suit waistcoat, £34.99, Men Nº73 – suit trousers, £59.99, Men Nº 77 – fusion of two shirts, £59.99, and Men Nº 104 – mould-effect boot, £149.99

'It’s an amazing collaboration!' said Julianne Moore. 'Margiela is a beautiful brand – arty, iconoclastic and always edgy.'

'I've been a great fan of Margiela for many years,' added Sarah Jessica Parker. 'They are mysterious and compelling. [This collaboration] is a great opportunity for people to have access to great designers. It makes luxury available to everyone. It's very democratic and I'm all for it.'

“I’m a huge fan of Margiela and I love H&M – it’s a great collaboration,' chimed in Helena Christensen. 'I never get surprised by H&M’s choices, every designer they pick I’m interested in. I’m always standing in the queue with my mother in the early mornings.'

So, will you be joining Helena Christensen in the queue for Maison Martin Margiela with H&M? It launches in stores at 8am and online at 9am on 15th November so get the lowdown on how to shop here.

Right, you've seen how the celebs wear the collection. Now check out how Team ELLE wears it.


  1. Can't wait to see more from this collab!

  2. Love the outfit of Mena Suvari and Julianne Moore.
    Both Look beautiful.



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