Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas jumper of the week


ELLE celebrated Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 14th December in support of Save the Children. As my festive knit, I chose this Torsby Fair Isle sweater from Superdry.

There are so many Fair Isle jumpers to choose from at Superdry, all at £49.99, but it was the Christmassy snowflakes that attracted me to this particular design. Plus, the similarity to Sarah Lund's sweater in cult BBC4's crime drama The Killing.

I admit, I've never watched The Killing, but detective Lund's sweaters are probably the most famous jumpers on TV. Scandinavian knitwear company Gudrun & Gudrun are the makers behind her wardrobe. Its sweaters are hand-knitted in the Faroe islands in traditional patterns originally used by the fisherman's wives to distinguish their husbands as they approached shore.

And the cost of a Gudrun & Gudrun sweater? A hefty 280 euros (around £228). But they are hand-made from 100% organic, untreated and undyed Faroese wool, taken from the native sheep. The result is an incredible soft and warm wool.

Such is the popularity of Sarah Lund's sweaters, they have their own fan website and there are even knitting patterns for the jumpers. But if you can't afford the Gudrun & Gudrun originals and haven't the time to knit one, Superdry's Fair Isle knits are my top recommendation.

For more Christmas jumper inspiration, click here see what the rest of Team ELLE wore on Christmas Jumper Day.

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  1. The Boy bought me the Gudrun Gudrun sweater yesterday!!!!! (At a VERY good price might I add) Now just fingers crossed that it fits! SO excited! Can't wait for it to arrive in the post. xx



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